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  Part One Short Answers 30%
  Identify the author and the title of the work from which each of the following excerpts is taken. And then answer the question after each excerpt. Choose only FIVE items to do.
  1. “That it was therefore every one’s Interest to be virtuous who wish’d to be happy even in this World. And I should from this Circumstance … have endeavored to convince young Persons that no Qualities were so likely to make a poor Man’s Fortune as those of Probity and Integrity.”
  Question What advice does the author give to young people
  2. “In truth his own antipathy to the veil was known to be so great that he never willingly passed before a mirror nor stooped to drink at a still fountain lest in its peaceful bosom he should be affrighted by himself. This was what gave plausibility to the whispers that Mr. Hooper’s conscience tortured him for some great crime too horrible to be entirely concealed or otherwise than so obscurely intimated.”
  Question Why is Mr. Hooper so afraid of his own reflection
  3. “Since then-- ’tis Centuries--and yet
  Feels shorter than the Day
  I first surmised the Horses’ Heads
  Were toward Eternity—”
  Question What is the surprise in this final stanza
  4. “When I sitting heard the astronomer where he lectured with much applause in the lecture-room
  How soon unaccountable I became tired and sick
  Till rising and gliding out I wander’d off by myself
  In the mystical moist night-air and from time to time
  Look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.”
  Question How is the narrator’s relationship with the stars different from the astronomer’s
  5. “At the door I met the sociable Wheeler returning and he buttonholed me and recommended ‘Well thish-yer Smiley had a yaller one-eyed cow that didn’t have no tail only jest a short stump like a bannanner and – ’ However lacking both time and inclination I did not wait to hear about the afflicted cow but took my leave.”
  Question What is the narrator’s attitude toward Simon Wheeler and his story
  6. “‘I vill lock you oudt’ he declared in strongly accented English while she tried to slip by him each time. ‘I vill show you. Du sollst come yen I say yet. Hear now.’ … ‘Now I’ll never speak to you any more if that’s the way you’re going to do. My father don’t allow me to kiss boys anyhow’ and then she would run half ashamed half smiling to herself as he would stare after her or if she lingered develop a kind of anger and even rage.”
  Question How does Theresa’s language differ from her father’s
  7. “…Our nada who art in nada nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada but deliver us from nada pues nada. Hail nothing full of nothing nothing is with thee. …”
  Question Why does the author replace some words in the prayer with “nada”
  8. “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall
  That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it
  And spills the upper boulders in the sun
  And makes gaps even two can pass abreast.”
  Question What does “Something” in the first line refer to
  Part Two Short Essay 35%
  Choose ONE of the following excerpts and write an essay of about 200 words on the questions after it. Your essay should be well-developed consisting of your argument supporting details and a conclusion of your ideas.
  Excerpt 1.
  “…I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids and nobody’s around—nobody big I mean—except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff—I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I’d do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be. I know it’s crazy.”
  (J. D. SalingerThe Catcher in the RyeChapter 22
  Question What is Holden’s ambition What does he see as a danger to the kids
  Excerpt 2.
  CABOT The farm needs a son.
  ABBIE I need a son.
  CABOT Ay-eh. Sometimes ye air the farm an’ sometimes the farm be yew. That’s why I clove t’ ye in my lonesomeness. A pause. He pounds his knee with his fist. Me an’ the farm has got t’ beget a son
  ABBIE Ye’d best go t’ sleep. Ye’re gittin’ thin’s all mixed.
  CABOT (with an impatient gesture No I hain’t. My mind’s clear’s a well. Ye don’t know me that’s it. He stares hopelessly at the floor.
  ABBIE (indifferently Mebbe.
  … … … …
  ABBIE (at last—painfully Ye shouldn’t Eben—ye shouldn’t—I’d make ye happy
  EBEN (harshly I don’t want t’ be happy—from yew
  ABBIE (helplessly Ye do Eben Ye do Why d’ye lie
  EBEN (viciously I don’t take t’ ye I tell ye I hate the sight o’ ye
  ABBIE (with an uncertain troubled laugh Waal I kissed ye anyways—an’ ye kissed back—yer lips was burnin’—ye can’t lie ’bout thatintensely If ye don’t care why did ye kiss me back—why was yer lips burnin’
  (Eugene O’Neill Desire Under the Elms Part Two Scene II
  Question The second conversation in the above excerpt takes place immediately after the first one. What do you think is Abbie’s real intention of showing affection to Eben
Part Three Critical Reading 35%
  Read the story “The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams and answer the following questions in a one-paragraph essay of about 100 words. Be sure to write a topic sentence and include evidence if possible.
  Questions What conflict is presented in the story What does the story say about the use of force in civilized life
The Use of Force
  William Carlos Williams
  They were new patients to me all I had was the name Olson. Please come down as soon as you can my daughter is very sick. When I arrived I was met by the mother a big startled looking woman very clean and apologetic who merely said Is this the doctor And let me in. In the back she added. You must excuse us doctor we have her in the kitchen where it is warm. It is very damp here sometimes.
  The child was fully dressed and sitting on her father’s lap near the kitchen table. He tried to get up but I motioned for him not to bother took off my overcoat and started to look things over. I could see that they were all very nervous eyeing me up and down distrustfully. As often in such cases they weren’t telling me more than they had to it was up to me to tell them that’s why they were spending three dollars on me.
  The child was fairly eating me up with her cold steady eyes and no expression to her face whatever. She did not move and seemed inwardly quiet an unusually attractive little thing and as strong as a heifer in appearance. But her face was flushed she was breathing rapidly and I realized that she had a high fever. She had magnificent blonde hair in profusion. One of those picture children often reproduced in advertising leaflets and the photogravure sections of the Sunday papers.
  She’s had a fever for three days began the father and we don’t know what it comes from. My wife has given her things you know like people do but it don’t do no good. And there’s been a lot of sickness around. So we tho’t you’d better look her over and tell us what is the matter.
  As doctors often do I took a trial shot at it as a point of departure. Has she had a sore throat
  Both parents answered me together No … No she says her throat don’t hurt her.
  Does your throat hurt you Added the mother to the child. But the little girl’s expression didn’t change nor did she move her eyes from my face.
Have you looked
  I tried to said the mother but I couldn’t see.
  As it happens we had been having a number of cases of diphtheria in the school to which this child went during that month and we were all quite apparently thinking of that though no one had as yet spoken of the thing.
  Well I said suppose we take a look at the throat first. I smiled in my best professional manner and asking for the child’s first name I said come on Mathilda open your mouth and let’s take a look at your throat.
  Nothing doing.
  Aw come on I coaxed just open your mouth wide and let me take a look. Look I said opening both hands wide I haven’t anything in my hands. Just open up and let me see.
  Such a nice man put in the mother. Look how kind he is to you. Come on do what he tells you to. He won’t hurt you.
  At that I ground my teeth in disgust. If only they wouldn’t use the word “hurt” I might be able to get somewhere. But I did not allow myself to be hurried or disturbed but speaking quietly and slowly I approached the child again.
  As I moved my chair a little nearer suddenly with one catlike movement both her hands clawed instinctively for my eyes and she almost reached them too. In fact she knocked my glasses flying and they fell though unbroken several feet away from me on the kitchen floor.
  Both the mother and father almost turned themselves inside out in embarrassment and apology. You bad girl said the mother taking her and shaking her by one arm. Look what you’ve done. The nice man …
  For heaven’s sake I broke in. Don’t call me a nice man to her. I’m here to look at her throat on the chance that she might have diphtheria and possibly die of it. But that’s nothing to her. Look here I said to the child we’re going to look at your throat. You’re old enough to understand what I’m saying. Will you open it now by yourself or shall we have to open it for you
  Not a move. Even her expression hadn’t changed. Her breaths however were coming faster and faster. Then the battle began. I had to do it. I had to have a throat culture for her own protection. But first I told the parents that it was entirely up to them. I explained the danger but said that I would not insist on a throat examination so long as they would take the responsibility.
  If you don’t do what the doctor says you’ll have to go to the hospital the mother admonished here severely.
  Oh yeah I had to smile to myself. After all I had already fallen in love with the savage brat the parents were contemptible to me. In the ensuing struggle they grew more and more abject crushed exhausted while she surely rose to magnificent heights of insane fury of effort bred of her terror of me.
  The father tried his best and he was a big man but the fact that she was his daughter his shame at her behavior and his dread of hurting her made him release her just at the critical times when I had almost achieved success till I wanted to kill him. But his dread also that she might have diphtheria made him tell me to go on go on though he himself was almost fainting while the mother moved back and forth behind us raising and lowering her hands in an agony of apprehension.
  Put her in front of you on your lap I ordered and hold both her wrists.
  But as soon as he did the child let out a scream. Don’t you’re hurting me. Let go of my hands. Let them go I tell you. Then she shrieked terrifyingly hysterically. Stop it Stop it You’re killing me
  Do you think she can stand it doctor said the mother.
  You get out said the husband to his wife. Do you want her to die of diphtheria
  Come on now hold her I said.
  Then I grasped the child’s head with my left hand and tried to get the wooden tongue depressor between her teeth. She fought with clenched teeth desperately But now I also had grown furious—at a child. I tried to hold myself down but I couldn’t. I know how to expose a throat for inspection. And I did my best. When finally I got the wooden spatula behind the last teeth and just the point of it into the mouth cavity she opened up for an instant but before I could see anything she came down again and gripped the wooden blade between her molars she reduced it to splinters before I could get it out again.
  Aren’t you ashamed the mother yelled at her. Aren’t you ashamed to act like that in front of the doctor
  Get me a smooth-handled spoon of some sort I told the mother. We’re going through with this. The child’s mouth was already bleeding. Her tongue was cut and she was screaming in wild hysterical shrieks. Perhaps I should have been better. But I have seen at least two children lying dead in bed of neglect in such cases and feeling that I must get a diagnosis now or never I went at it again. But the worst of it was that too had got beyond reason. I could have torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to attack her. My face was burning with it.
  The damned little brat must be protected against her own idiocy one says to one’s self at such times. Others must be protected against her. It is a social necessity. And all these things are true. But a blind fury a feeling of adult shame bred of a longing for muscular release are the operatives. One goes on to the end.
  In the final unreasoning assault I overpowered the child’s neck and jaws. I forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat till she gagged. And there it was—both tonsils covered with membrane. She had fought valiantly to keep me from knowing her secret. She had been hiding that sore throat for three days at least and lying to her parents in order to escape just such an outcome as this.
Now truly she was furious. She had been on the defensive before but now she attacked. Tried to get off her father’s lap and fly at me while tears of defeat blinded her eyes.
  heifer young cow calf
  profusion abundance plenty
  photogravure photography photo-copying
  tho’t thought
  trial shot guess
  diphtheria fatal illness
  throat culture laboratory test of the throat
  apprehension nervousness
  depressor flat stick
  spatula flat stick
  molars rear teeth
  diagnosis medical opinion
  membrane infection

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